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rock spiral

Once upon a time there was a woman who woke up one morning and discovered she was living the life of her dreams.  She was getting ready to marry the love of her life, had two amazing teenage boys and now also had the daughter she’d always longed for (although she didn’t quite imagine that navigating the teenage years with her would be their starting point.) She’d just moved into a delightful house, nicknamed Wickbliss, that she shared with her fellow-two leggeds, one small black dog, one big gold dog and one African Grey Parrot.  This dream house sat on a little hill with magical woods in the back yard.  And that’s not all. She had also tapped into many of her talents and unique gifts, and she regularly shared them when doing her Work in the world. Now things hadn’t always been this way.  There had been some big, scary, wonderful adventures along the way and of course she’d gotten sidetracked or lost at times. But right now, today, things were pretty freakin’ incredible.

By now I’m guessing that you’ve picked up on the fact that the woman in this story is me.  I’ve done a lot of writing over the past four decades, from private stuff in my journals to work for clients that’s been published in print and on line… but I’ll let you in on a little secret.  It’s been rare indeed for me to shine the spotlight on my inner life, the wild stuff I believe, and the unconventional way I live my life, and put it out there for others to see. But I’ve been getting the message, more and more clearly and persistently, that the time is now.

So here goes nothing…