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mindful group

I’m leading something new next week Monday, Feb 1 at Flywheel in the Innovation Quarter at 12:15 – 1:00 pm. We’re calling it

Mindfulness for Lunch 

I created this new offering for people who feel super busy and would love to find a way to create more time in their day so they can more fully enjoying their life, their friends and their loved ones. Folks will learn mindfulness techniques that Google employees and M.I.T. scientists use to boost their creativity, productivity and sense of peace when they’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed or bored with the day-to-day. You can drop in for $20 or get discounts through Flywheel or Swerve if you sign up via Eventbrite.

To start I will lead a 15-minute guided meditation and then teach you simple, 3-minute mindfulness techniques you can practice during your day. There will also be time for some “serious fun” and networking.

brainMore and more research on mindfulness and meditation is proving that the ability to slow down and “tune in,” for even three minutes, ignites creativity, interrupts the “flight or fight” response, and releases a cascade of feel-good endorphins that allow the body to begin healing itself instantly. Stress management, improved sleep, increased clarity and confidence about your best, next steps, and achieving a new level of creativity and innovation in your professional and personal life are also common benefits.

I began my mostly-daily mediation practice 11 years ago when I launched my first start-up. My stress levels were off the chart and I was in critical need of a practice that would allow me to be at the top of my game when I was pitching investors and getting to the finals in business plan competitions throughout the southeast. By incorporating mindfulness into my day, I found I could more fully enjoy the wild ride I was on and be more present and peaceful when interacting with my family and co-workers.

mindful magazine

For more info about my mindfulness training for local businesses read a bit of this article where I was one of a few Mindfulness Trainers featured in Winston-Salem Monthly Magazine.

I have personally worked with a wide range of mindfulness, Buddhist meditation and nature practices for over a decade. My Mindfulness Consulting Practice was inspired by Otto Scharmer, Senior Lecturer at M.I.T.’s Sloan School of Management, and Co-Founder of the Presencing Institute. For the past two years I’ve been studying with Otto and a local group of community innovators participating in U.Lab, a global movement to build a new economy by co-sensing and co-creating with the emerging future.