Kindness quote

“Genuine kindness is not ordinary act, but a gift of rare beauty.” ~ Sylvia Rossetti

Dear Nick,

It was nice to text with you a bit last night.  I remember well those times when I was in new place, with new people and hadn’t yet found my tribe.  For me, all I really need is one really good friend and then the rest falls into place.  But when I first started college, when I first moved to Boston after college, and then a number of times in my 30s I had times (sometimes a few weeks… and sometimes months) when I didn’t have that one, really close friend.  Those times were lonely, but they were also the times when I delved into the mysteries of the universe, exploring my spirituality, good books and interesting art (music lyrics, plays and musicals, movies, etc).  It’s the lonely and challenging times of people’s lives that they are called to search, and then if they are gifted in some way, express what they are learning through writing a song, or a blog post or creating a bit of art in the world.  That’s what The Imagination Installations Project is for me.
I found this great article in the New York Times this morning titled “advice to graduates.” My friend Amanda posted it on Facebook. The article is interesting because it’s such a powerful speech, yet it focuses on kindness.
An untypical pairing.
You, my wonderful son, can be one of the kindest people I’ve ever met.  Don’t forget this gift on your journey.  Be generous with it.  It is rare.  By acting kindly to people you meet (which YOU already naturally do) you make a big difference in their lives.  From the outside, lots of people look confident, but on the inside, most people are also struggling with something.  Sharing acts of kindness is one of most powerful things you can do in the world.
I love you,

“What I regret most in my life are failures of kindness.” Read the article from The New York Times,

“George Saunders’s Advice to Graduates” here.