“Being in communion with people who are actively creating and giving expression to the great mysteries of life is an important part of sustaining your own inspiration. We need that infusion of vital energy, passionate questioning, shared awe. It’s the soul sharing part that matters–the conversations of consequence that lead to deeper, more vivid and robust imaginings.

The Dalai Lama once suggested the next savior was going to be a sangha, a spiritual community. I think what he meant is that we’re moving toward convergence, toward a unity of minds and souls — and while this is difficult for Americans who are born and bred in a culture of “rugged individualism,” it is an evolutionary imperative for us to shift our consciousness toward the whole. It’s happening globally and we can see it in the workings of the internet, but the real power comes when we feel it happening in our own internal intranet.”

~ Jan Phillips, writer, photographer, artist, and musician.

My friend Cheryl Bridges shared this quote with a handful of her friends and Tribe-builders. Reading it was a delicious reminder that while our inner-work is essential, it is when we share it with others — especially in person — that it spreads and grows bigger and has the power to transform our world.