v color strip art The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why. ~ Mark Twain

Your Vision Statement is what you want the future to look like. It’s Big. It’s a picture of the world YOU want to live in. Your vision inspires you to grow and reach higher.

Your  Mission Statement describes what you want now and how you will contribute to creating the world in your Vision. A mission statement answers the questions of: “What do I do?”, “How do I do it?”, “Who do I do it for?”, “What makes me different”, and “What is the benefit?” Your mission is the present leading to the future, and how you will get to where you want to be.

blog drummingCheryl Schirillo’s current Mission Statement: 

To help women access their story, true path and higher purpose so that we may integrate all aspects of our lives (inner work/spiritual life, family, friends, career and community) and fully enjoy and excel in our work and play.

Inspiring resources for Your Journey

Fabulous, beautiful essay about taking the leap to finding your dream, by Elle Luna, “The Crossroads of Should and Must.”

Article on being “Devoted to Dreaming” by Danielle LaPorte

Workshops on Dreaming, Visioning and Creating Your Life’s Mission

Please reach out to me if you’re interested in taking part of one of my workshops or if you would like to co-create a new one for your group.

Cheryl@MyBridges.net, Cheryl Schirillo (336) 682-9737.

Now go Dream Big, Think Big and Take Action!

Peace, Cheryl

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