women's circle

I love being with people, learning about them and hearing their stories (especially the off-the-beaten-track tales). I passionately love gatherings of interesting women who are brave enough to be vulnerable and go deep.  But I also love time by myself wandering in the woods or being home alone in the quiet with just the dogs and our African Grey Parrot, Jaco, for company.  It’s true, really. I actually need quite a lot of time alone. I get cranky and irritable if I don’t get it.  Because my extroverted side is so big many times people don’t believe that I have a big introverted side as well.  My quiet, going-inward self who needs lots of time for grounding and writing and meditating and just contemplating my navel…. I treasure her and need her deeply.

Magic in the Woods.

Magic in the Woods.

Today I have the pleasure of a calendar free of meetings so I can work at home alone all day and take time to garden in the woods, and nurture my new grass seedlings so they can grow strong without pesticides, and draft some new business ideas, and refine my latest Indiegogo Campaign, and read a book while I eat leftover homemade soup (Vietnamese Po) for lunch.

What does your introverted side love to do to recharge?

P.S. This post was inspired by an especially yummy Daily Om that arrived in my inbox this morning.

Introverted Pleasures
The Daily Om

An introverted state of mind may come over you today as you move through your personal and professional spheres. You may feel lonely and withdrawn, and thus seek out the nurturing comforts of solitude. Or you may simply feel the need to spend some private time enjoying your own company and reconnecting with your inner self. This can be a wonderful time to retreat from outer world concerns in order to engage in those quiet activities that soothe your soul and help you recharge your internal energy. Even if you are usually quite social, consider taking the day off today and using the personal time you gain to reflect upon your existence in the present and what you hope the future will bring. This time apart from the hustle and bustle of the world can renew your zest for life. 

Regularly engaging in pursuits better suited to introverted personalities—whatever your usual demeanor—gives you an opportunity to relate to the world in a quieter, more intimate manner. Societal expectations can oblige us to spend most of our time involved in activities that require quick thinking and high-energy collective communication. When you adopting the perspective of the introvert or allow your introvert nature to emerge, you can direct your psychological and emotional energy inward. There, in solitude, you can indulge in the pleasures of reflection and daydream to your heart’s contentment. You’ll recharge your body and soul while enjoying peaceable tranquility. As you enjoy the pleasures of being introverted today, you’ll rediscover life’s quiet joys.