spiral hand blue flame

Piece of a larger image…. artist unknown.

In the week after the attacks on Paris, The City of Light, I’ve been reflecting a lot on “Why?!” and “How many more times?” “Now what do I do, from my “safe” part of the world as I sit in my work chair looking out into the woods and trying not to worry about my 20-year old son who’s spending his fall semester of college in Venice.

This weekend I’ll be on a Women’s Retreat at Luminhaus. One of the things I’ll be looking more deeply at is my shadow side.

Shadow work is messy work, as it deals with acknowledging aspects of ourselves, and the world, that we would prefer simply didn’t exist. 

Owning my shadow aspects — making friends with my Genius Demon Ally — with bravery, integrity, vulnerability and self-honesty is challenging and important work. We are ALL not our ideals. There are aspects of our world and humanity that are far from what we wish they were.

And at the same time, for many of us, our experience of the Light is increasing.

Wish me luck and Love as I explore the underworld and seek to make my piece of the Light a little brighter.

Jai Baba!

White Horse painting by Charlie Mills

“White Horse” a painting by Charlie Mills and Meher Baba