Feeding the holy

“Holiness is the center that holds all peripheries; the pure internal absence that makes sense of everyone and everything that comes to visit; the ground beneath feet running to look for gifts; the held note of a song that leaves a chapel silent, or the stopped listener still and attentive in the busiest, most glittering street. Holiness is the beautiful nothingness birthed inside us that allows all other things to happen, an internal gravitational field of invitation and gathering and an outward and radical letting alone: of family, of food, of perspectives; the holy is reached through letting go, by giving up on willed perfection.Holiness is reached not through effort or will, but by stopping; by an inward coming to rest; a place from which we can embody the mid winter spirit of our days, a radical, inhabited simplicity, where we live in a kind of on going surprise and with some wonder and appreciation, flawed and far from perfection, but inhabiting the still center of a beautiful, peripheral giftedness.”

From “Finding the Holy in the Holidays” by David Whyte

Isn’t that piece absolutely delicious? I’m sharing this essay excerpt today as part of my answer to the question….

How do you “Feed The Holy?”

Today we’ll be talking about our personal practices as they relate to this theme as part of my “Mindfulness for Lunch,” session December 1, 11:45 – 1:00 pm at Unity on Stratford Road in Winston-Salem, NC.

Mindfulness for Lunch is an open-to-everyone program I lead on the first Tuesday of each month.

Light and Feeding the Holy

In December we are tapping into our ability to pay deep attention to the beauty in our lives as a simple and powerful way to practice mindfulness. This month the sun begins to set early in the evening which is Nature’s way of inviting us to slow down, enter the twilight space, and make time for reflection. Now through the New Year, when we light a candle in the dark, or turn on our decorative holiday lights, we can invite ourselves to take a moment to appreciate the ability each of us have to be light-bringers and peacemakers during times of darkness — especially during the holiday season when many people are hungry for connection, community and kindness.

All are welcome to join in for our shared, guided mindfulness journey from 11:45 – 1:oo pm on first Tuesdays at Unity located on Stratford Rd., 1.2 miles west from the intersection of Hanes Mall Blvd. From Stratford Rd., turn onto Hewes St. which runs between the church and a nursery/greenhouse. The address is: 108 Hewes Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27103.