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Mary’s Mavens Lunch Circle today with Angel FourTruth, Lynn Rhoades, Cheryl Schirillo, Janet Holmes, Megan North Shuford, Nancey Privette Cost, Rebeccah Byer, Nikki Farrington, Andrea Biley Littell, Gwen Roach, Toni Becker, Angela (Angel’s Mom) and Marilyn Granger. Photo by Mary Haglund, owner of Mary’s Gourmet Diner and C0-Founder of Mary’s Mavens

Coming together in circle for companionship, inspiration, trouble-shooting and support is one of the most gratifying things I do in my life. My current circles include Mary’s Mavens, the two, open to all, monthly Mindfulness Meditation Groups I lead, my M.I.T/U.Lab-inspired Visioning Circle, Imagination Installations’ Monthly Meeting and The Clan Mother’s Circle at Flower Eagle Medicine Lodge. During these gatherings I receive a tremendous amount of support, positive energy and inspiration for the evolution of my work in the world as a storyteller, connector and conduit for people who seek to fully and mindfully express their highest purpose. The reason each circle comes together is different; their focus ranges from business to the arts to spirituality. But each circle is made up of people bravely using their talents as teachers, artists, writers, musicians, healers, entrepreneurs or community builders to make a difference.

Recently I was reading a post on Mystic Mama. One of her astrologers was talking about how we are being heavily influenced by Libra this month. The Sabian Symbol for Libra at four degrees is a group of young people sitting in spiritual communion around a campfire. This symbol speaks to how important it is to work together and be guided by our highest selves/The Divine. In this time of massive disruption and worldwide change, coming together in circle as our authentic, spiritual selves — whether it’s around a campfire, the dinner table or the boardroom – is critically important.

Again and again during Mary’s Mavens meetings I hear the same message, “You are not alone on your journey. We are all here to listen, to support you and to offer help.”

But it is important to recognize that help isn’t going to come knocking on your door as you sit there curled up with your dog on the couch in your PJs. You need to get up, get dressed in something that makes you feel good, and seek out help and fellowship. Bravely sharing your story with like-minded souls is a beautiful way to connect with what you need to learn next. It is also a fun way to enrich your journey.

As we went around the long lunch table today at Mary’s Gourmet Diner (it was filled with about 16 women entrepreneurs) the common threads in our stories revealed themselves. No matter what business or non-profit we were in the midst of building, we were all creative souls in the process of evolving. We were all eager to help each other and collaborate. And we had all experienced some rough times that led to huge changes in our lives and especially in our work. Many of us were facing our next hurdle and didn’t exactly know how to solve the current, unexpected challenge we were facing. But by stating specifically what we needed during the meeting (a commercial sized freezer, durable and eco-friendly packing boxes, computer training, or discarded cell phones that could be up-cycled), miraculously the exact help folks needed was offered. And all the while tenderness, laughter and enthusiasm flowed around the table.

Returning to that Sabian Symbol for Libra, for me that image brings to mind people sitting in a circle, a sacred geometric pattern signifying unity, wholeness and infinity. Everything contained within the circle is protected making the spiritual (or entrepreneurial) work more powerful. One thing I love about people sitting in a circle is that everyone is equally heard and seen. Even a business meeting can take on a ceremonial quality as we dream together and share our hopes for a beautiful, compassionate and sustainable future.

As more and more of us branch out from traditional roles as 9 to 5 workers — and/or as our companies and organizations learn how to create and do business as an interconnected part of a vibrant ecosystem — we are seeing massive change and exciting growth. As women like those of Mary’s Mavens step out and step up, we are co-creating a world that we all actually want vs. the default world we have now that was mostly manifested through greed, ego-based actions and unconsciousness. As more and more of us wake up, we are hungry to find circles of like-minded people to come together with on a regular basis.

So what kind of Circle do you want to find?