Stepping Out Feet

Shark Lab Beach, Bimini, Bahamas, April 28, 2016

I am stepping onto a new path today. The time has come to venture into deeper waters as an author, a way finder, an Ambassador for the Forests and the Ocean, a mindfulness guide, a musician/artist and a Death Sherpa. I am deeply grateful for my first 50 years as a storyteller, a connector and conduit, a budding artist, a “just playing around” musician, a yogi, tai chi student, beginning meditator, a daughter, a granddaughter, a young wife and mother, an entrepreneur, business owner and community builder. The time has come to draw into a smaller, more intimate outward circle as I am pulled more deeply into my inward landscape and welcomed into new Tribes on the higher planes. I am grateful for the paths that have brought me here. I am grateful for the shaman’s death and healing that transpired this past year. I am grateful to Dolphin, Shark and Sea Snake for the exciting and heart-expansive experience of complete presence in the magical now and showing me the three stages of the first half-of my life and naturally and sweetly swimming me into my new adventure. I am grateful for the beautiful, radiently-sparkling clear aqua waters and the gentle deep before me. I am grateful to be part of the Global Forest and the Flower People. I am grateful for my connection to the Rock Teachers. Thank you Grandmother Divine, Ellerie, Mack, Mother Ocean and the Flower Eagle Sisterhood for your presence as I walk deeper and swim out.

Ah Ho!

Jai Baba!!!

White Horse painting by Charlie Mills

“White Horse” a painting by Charlie Mills and Avatar Meher Baba