I had a magically-real encounter with Hummingbird this week. I’m in the midst of an essence-based, change process with my Mentor, Robin Rice. My wow-moment happened as I was sitting at our kitchen table listening to Robin guide me through a meditation designed to draw me into a state of flow.

This was my first encounter with this aspect of our work together. Just as I was fully allowing the sweetness of the experience to flow over me I looked up and saw Hummingbird, just a few feet away, at my window feeder. Just before hitting the play button on Robin’s guided journey, I had placed sugar water and a red flower on the feeder… for the very first time this year. I had yet to see any Hummingbirds in our yard this Spring, but I had been calling to them energetically. The moment this tiny Hummer arrived I said to myself, “Yes! What a sweet, immediate sign. As sweet as this new, vibrant, Flow-practice in my life.”

Hummingbirds are fiercely joyful and fast. They can be on the aggressive and competitive side if food is involved. They also have fun co-existing playfully with others when they are bathing, nurturing their young, and mating. After going south every winter they love to return “home” to places and people who are safe, vibrantly healthy and encouraging.

I am grateful to Hummingbird for showing me that I am one of those people. I am grateful to Robin Rice for helping me to level up and wake up, raising my consciousness and flowing rapidly in new ways. I am grateful for the wisdom and encouragement that it is time to share my Voice in the world as a professional, growing in mastery with this practice in every aspect of my life.

I am grateful to all of you who are walking, harmonizing and dancing with me into this sparkly, emerging future.

Ah Ho! Jai Baba!