I see and sense a world of energy flow and colors in the living beings around me. A view that was present at the instant of my entry into this world. I perceive more than physical manifestation. When I look at you I see the color-filled edge of your energy field merging with the energetic sea of life that surrounds us all.

This connection provides me with the ability to balance the flow of your life force. It provides the energetic source for healing.

Unselfconscious Practice as a Child

My conscious connection to life energy came with other abilities. As a toddler I could fix burns, cuts, nose bleeds, and sense the higher emotional source of imbalance in others. I did this naturally and instinctually. Unfortunately, this instinct was abruptly and harshly smothered because of my family’s fear. I came to believe that I was broken and had done something terribly wrong. As I result, I decided to conceal and suppress my abilities as best I could. However, I was never able to bury the ability to see colors and sense emotion.

I was around nine before I realized that I was seeing something others did not see. Then, when I was fourteen my father bought our first color television. That was quite a discovery for me. There on the screen were people with no colors, just like in photographs. I finally got to see life as most of the world views it.

Denial Brings Imbalance

In the decades that followed I spent most of my energy and thoughts seeking explanation and absolution from my perceived malady. Denial and distraction chose many self-defeating outlets and escapes.

In denying my truest self and the urge to follow my instincts, I had to deal with a horrific sense of guilt and low self-worth. I marked myself a victim for abuse as I felt I deserved to be punished.  From the age of four to forty-eight I lived a life so out of balance.

Living a life out of harmony is extremely difficult to maintain as Life wants to return you to its natural balance. Even in our darkest, most desperate moments, hope and an understanding of something beyond oneself seems to prevail. I learned that the abuses and the challenges in my life were actually gifts from Life. There was always present an equal and opposite force surrounding each event. What I chose to receive and release of this force was my decision.

Nature Seeks To Re-Harmonize

Think of all the infinitesimal examples in nature of balance. The force that holds a planet in orbit around the sun. The bird that nests in a tree, eats the fruit of that same tree, then flies off to drop the seed. The forgetful squirrel retrieves his buried acorns throughout the winter. When spring arises those perfectly planted seeds, soon become the beginning of a life-giving oak. The symbiosis of the honeybee, the flower, and humans needs no explanation.

There are many examples of flow in both the physical and energetic reality. The lungs fill with air, the blood flows through the lungs absorbing oxygen. The blood flows throughout the body, dispersing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide from the cells. Carbon dioxide is released, Plants take in this carbon dioxide, with the suns energy photosynthesis occurs, and new oxygen is released.

Life energy that grows stagnant from restricted flow takes many forms as it changes states. Major physical illness, mental illness, aging, obesity, and addictions are more advanced manifestations of restricted life energy flow. Anger, fear, guilt, doubt, distrust, compulsions, exhaustion, intolerance and sickness often present themselves as early indicators.

How I Work With Nature

For the past six years I have focused on working with people’s physical, emotional and energy bodies to help them connect more fully and freely to Life’s energy flow. However, I am reluctant to call myself a healer. I spent a much of my life hiding, denying and containing my ability. But six years ago I experienced an irresistible call to change. Now, each day through an unconventional awareness, emerging intuition, and dreams, I discover more in this connection to life and how to work with it to assist myself and others.

An Example of Complete, Instant Healing

My wife Cheryl is a joyful balance in my life and her love has helped guide me back to my path. She also provides me with daily opportunities to practice. Early in our relationship she accidentally grabbed a metal handle of a pan that had only a moment before been in the oven. The resulting burn was one of those that was very severe. I quickly grabbed her hand and helped her body repair the damage. The result was immediate. Her hand showed no evidence of even a slight burn.

My ability to fix physical ailments is not always foolproof. A few months ago I faced a very stressful day, allowing myself to be out of balance. That evening boiling oil splattered out of pan landing on Cheryl’s finger. While the damage was only minor, in my distracted state, I was unable to repair the damage. I failed to connect her to her energy. This time she received a small blister.

A few days later we were discussing my resistance to call myself a healer. I was adamant that I didn’t actually do anything. That each person healed themselves, that just the power of intention was enough to heal. Then Cheryl asked me why I was able to heal the severe burn and not the tiny one? If it was not my healing gift, but something else… then why did the little incident result in a blister? Cheryl reminded me that that was why she sees me as a healer. Strangely it was the moment that I could not connect and was unable to heal Cheryl’s tiny blister, that convinced both of us that I am, in fact, a healer.

How Healing Works For Me

I hold to the belief that I connect others to Life Energy — this is the force that heals. My role is simple, I locate restrictions or broken connections to this Pool of Life Energy.

A few years ago when I again started to follow my healing instincts, I made an error in judgment by using only my energy to move fluids and play with the electrical charges in the cells. I tried to think through the process, letting my own limited intellect, and medical science education, override instinctual knowing. The result of that was not ideal.

For example, in the burn story above where Cheryl grabbed the handle of the metal pan that had just been in the oven, her hand healed perfectly and immediately after I worked on her, but my hand received a rather painful red welt that lasted for several hours. At that time in my practice, most healing events left me injured, exhausted, or in pain. My past had taught me that using my ability should end in a punishment. I still unconsciously connected to that false belief.

Connecting Others To The Pool of Life

Since then I have learned not to use my own energy to manipulate. I now connect and guide the Life Energy of others to that same force which surrounds us all. Balancing flow as our own life force returns to a purer state of being. This is the natural order of this force, this life energy.

The work I wish to share is a connection of energy and finding balance.

We Are All Part of A Collective Awakening

I have repressed my natural self and instincts for far too long. Every day I sense signs of an emergence of a new understanding of the order of things. There is a generation of gifted children who will become adults during my lifetime who are bringing a tsunami of healing for our planet. It is my place and yours to learn, open our connections to each other and the world around us. Our place is to create a place of balance in the world for those generations. Join Cheryl and me on this journey in the connected force of life.

How I’ve Come To Understand Energy Flow After 50 Years

Theoretically, the universe began with a single moment of energy, a big bang, an expanding force. A force that bonds to form matter, matter joins to form the universe. Living beings rise from matter that is in turn made of particles that are created and held together by yet that same energy. This very force will expand until it changes form and collapses back in on itself.

Quantum entanglement is a mysterious force that binds particles of matter with a unique characteristic. An entangled pair of particles respond instantly to each other. Entangled particles match movement in both force and speed in the counterclockwise direction. Distance has no effect on this bond and therefore exponentially exceeds the speed of light. Einstein was both frustrated and awed by this relationship as it did not support the theory of relativity, nor the existence of time. It is as if these particles exist outside of our dimension. Uniquely these subatomic particles also randomly appear and disappear.

In matter, empty space is proportionally vast. The energy field that binds subatomic particles is a component of this vastness. Later, when I refer to an ocean of energy, remember this ratio.  All energy has a frequency, a vibration, a wave. Frequency uses time to measure a wave while in essence, a wave is the very resistance to force.

What is this energy? What higher being or force created that original single moment of energy? Life is thought to be determined by the existence of consciousness. What if existence, in reality, is that single moment of consciousness? That very big bang, that expanding moment of energy is what created this moment of life we call our universe. Based upon this explanation we all exist in a single moment of energy that expands and eventually contracts. We are the flicker of the lightning bug on a warm summer’s night, a flash of lightning, the twinkle of a star…

What I Believe

In my personal beginning and journey I have become completely certain of one simple thing. This energy is the very essence of existence. We are a single consciousness floating in a Sea of Life.

Energy is never lost, it simply changes form. In a free-flowing environment energy will hold to its purest form. Life energy must be both a sender and receiver in perfect balance.

As energy beings that too is what lies true for each of us.

Balanced Flow Brings Radiant Health

That which is not allowed to flow, changes state becoming something different than the original energy form.

It is the work associated with freeing or balancing this energy flow that is the true gift of a healer.

I know without doubt that we are connected to this sea of Life Energy. I was born both aware of this connection and am somehow able to see and touch the energy of those around me.

What Your Energy Body Looks Like To Me

When I look at a living being I see patterns in that surrounding field of colors. The colors of the rainbow as well as a few colors I have yet been unable to describe. I believe these colors to be the point of connection to the energy of life that surrounds us.

I can see and sense the energy connection of the young, the old, and even that of an unborn child.

I sense and see that which we hold on to. That we refuse to let flow.

I believe that in the simplest form there are two primary colors. What I see in the connection is that which personal energy becomes as we apply it in our lives. The emerging added colors and patterns are impurities, imbalances, stagnant pools of restricted flow. 

Using Our Gifts

Energy Work serves not only to assist others in connecting to life’s abundant healing energy, it is a journey back to that unification of life energy and ideal balance that was given to me at birth. My role is to prepare acceptance and guide the next evolution of those connected to life energy. Perhaps in the path back I will discover the answer to the ever-burning “why me” question. Somewhere in this answer lies the key to supporting others like myself. Perhaps our next generation will see the emergence of Homo Spiritus, life-energy connected humans.