We live in a world where many of us feel a sense of loss and separation more than we feel deeply connected. We are frustrated and bewildered at what is happening to the land, to people and animals, and to the systems in our country that we used to trust to support, sustain, and inform us.

When I feel that heavy sense of dread or separation, I do one of three things: I go outside and connect with Mother Nature. I seek out a gathering of open-hearted, positive people. And if the gathering I’m desiring doesn’t exist, I strongly consider creating something new and inviting people to join me in circle. To connect, to share, to learn from one another and to heal. ¬†Then I take my next, best step to take care of myself and/or some aspect of my world that is in need of help.

If you too are craving more of what I call “beloved community” in your life, I invite you to join me for one of my December or January offerings. You can learn more by reading my latest newsletter.

Sending you peace, warmth, and light, Cheryl