Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Cheryl Schirillo laughingMy name is Cheryl Schirillo. Working in partnership with Nature, I offer mindfulness workshops, lead wild dolphin retreats, and teach the ancient wellness science of Ayurveda.

Through my business, Bridges Connecting Communities, and my non-profit, Imagination Installations, I help people tune in to wellness of body, mind and spirit, connect with their purpose and dream big for themselves, their beloveds, and our global community.


Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic/whole-body healing systems for mind, body and spirit. It was developed thousands of years ago in India and is the mother-science to yoga. Students of Ayurveda believe that everything in the Universe – dead or alive – is connected. If your mind, body, and spirit are in harmony with the Universe, Nature, and the Seasons, you will have good health. When something disrupts this balance, you feel unwell. Food as medicine, sensual body practices, herbs, feminine-form yoga, mantra, and nature-based meditation are just a few facets of this rich tradition.

I am a Certified Wellness Mentor in the Feminine-Form Lineage of Ayurveda through the Shakti School. This Lineage was originally an ancient oral tradition passed on through the Grandmothers. My Master Teacher, Katie Silcox also infuses Tantric Yoga, Herbalism, Body Work, and East Indian Shamanism into our School’s teachings.


Through my business, Bridges, I help people tell their story and connect with their Tribe. We also create and lead Mindfulness Programs and Retreats for groups, businesses and non-profits. The latter work emerged as a natural outgrowth of my personal evolution and community projects.

I began my mostly-daily mediation practice 13 years ago when I launched my first start-up. As a newly single mom of two young children, my stress levels were off the chart. I was in critical need of a fix that would allow me to be at the top of my game when I was pitching investors and getting to the finals in business plan competitions throughout the southeast. By incorporating mindfulness into my day, I found I could more fully enjoy the wild ride I was on and be more present and peaceful when interacting with loved-ones and co-workers.

My Training

For the past decade I’ve studied mindfulness, meditation and indigenous nature-practices with Integrative-Medicine Practitioners from Duke University, Buddhist Monks, Pacos from Peru and Native-American Shamans. My studies with the rich spiritual and healing traditions in India began when I was 17 years old at Meher Baba’s Ashram near Poona. My formal training in the science of Ayurveda started in 2018.

My Mindfulness Consulting Practice was sparked three years ago by my teacher Otto Scharmer at M.I.T. and by our local hub of community-innovators who have been participating in U.Lab, a global movement to build a new economy by co-sensing and co-creating with the emerging future.

cheryl-in-the-lightMy Personal Mindfulness-Meditation/Metta Practice

Today, I meditate for 10 – 40 minutes in the morning — and create moments of mindfulness throughout each day. I make time for this in my busy schedule because I’ve found it is the best way for me to manage stress — and even more importantly — repeatedly connect with my desire to live an authentic, connected and joyfully-creative life.

My Roots

Growing up in the small town of Midland, Michigan I learned to value a community that was rich in arts and culture. My youth was spent writing, making visual art, acting, playing oboe in the orchestra and percussion in the marching band, and leading community-service projects.

My Education

After graduating with a double major in Communications and Merchandising Management from Michigan State University, I moved to Boston and began my 28-year career as a public relations and marketing professional. I lived in Chicago and San Francisco before making Winston-Salem my home, and founding my own communications company, over twenty years ago.

My Community

I have found Winston-Salem, North Carolina to be a dynamic community in which to live, work, play and evolve. It has been a magical place to feed my artistic passions, including playing the ukulele and the Native American Flute, dancing, and creating public art installations. I have found an abundance of work that is meaningful to me here, and I’ve found it to be fertile ground for raising my two boys and my daughter, who are now 15, 18 and 22 years old, our three dogs, Sprite, Magellan and Jesse, and our African Grey Parrot, Jaco.

My Story In Decades

In the 1990s I valued being part of downtown revitalization efforts and the launch of the social capital movement through my work with the ECHO Council and Authoring Action.

BRIDGEPANELblogger4jpegIn 2006, when Facebook was just beginning to be used by people other than college students, I got deeply involved in the national social media scene. The intersection of my local work in social capital and national efforts in social media — inspired me to found MyBridges, a hyper-local web site linked to Facebook and Twitter that is dedicated to collaborative community storytelling.

ii-logo-with-words-copyIn August of 2011 I launched The Imagination Installations Project which was initially a grassroots effort fueled by a group of twenty-one entrepreneurs, artists, business people, educators, designers, and community leaders to brainstorm an imagination project for Winston-Salem, NC. In 2014 I became the founding executive director when we received our 501(c)(3) status. The mission of The Imagination Installations Project is to harness the collective power of our community’s dreams by building Imaginariums.  These interactive, art venues collect and share the dreams of people from all walks of life in our community and share them via public art installations and social media platforms.

Lets Work/Play Together!

I invite you to join me on this exciting journey. If you’d like to discuss a possible project, collaboration, or just meet over coffee to share what aspect of the emerging future excites you the most, please email me at cheryl@mybridges.net