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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead

We believe that your dreams matter.

The Imagination Installations Project (ii) partners with people who want to build ever-better communities by using their innate ability to dream big and think big.

Our mission is to co-create our world by unleashing the power of imagination one dream at a time.

We do our work by building Imaginariums which take the form of interactive public art installations, imagination events, and social media projects. In these venues people record their dreams and discover what others have shared using the statement

“Imagine When…”

This vibrant grassroots initiative is based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It has been fueled by more than 100 entrepreneurs, architects, artists, activists, community leaders, business owners, educators, designers and other innovators who love to think big and dream big. The organization received its 501(c)(3) status in 2014. We offer fiscal sponsorship to grassroots efforts that align with our mission.

From time to time we run digital billboard campaigns on Business 40 featuring “Imagine When… ” statements from people in our community like this one:

“Imagine When… kindness is valued even more than wealth.” ~ Amanda Zabel

Cheryl Schirillo launched and co-founded the Imagination Installations Project in 2011 with a group of 20 other ruckas makers. Today she serves at Executive Director and sits on the Vision Circle/Board of Directors along with her husband, Tim Johnson, and their 15 year old daughter, Taylor Johnson, and Robin White Star, Subash Shaw, and Teddy Burriss.

For more information visit us at or email Cheryl Schirillo,

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Build A Bridge. Make A Difference.

MyBridges’ mission is to give you a new way to connect to your hometown and make it a better place to live. It’s an online forum on Facebook and Twitter for folks who want to be in the know about issues & people who make our community better… and who want to use that knowledge to make a difference.

Cheryl Schirillo founded MyBridges’ Online Community in 2008, just as Facebook was evolving off college campuses. MyBridges was created to be a hyper-local hub for people who care about sustainably-grown food, locally owned and operated businesses, grassroots movements, and coming together to celebrate the Triad’s arts and innovation scene. It has been lovingly populated by dynamic people in the Triad Tribe who are passionate about making a difference in their community. Cheryl curates the social media content.Connect with Us on Facebook


Be The Change

Sometimes we feel like there is so much chaos and turmoil in the world that nothing we can do as individuals can make much of a difference. It can be overwhelming. When that happens to me, I take a little time to rest, to center myself with a few minutes of mindfulness or meditation, and then I connect with my heart and my highest intention. From THAT place, I choose just one small act of compassionate action I can take that day. If we ALL did that, the world would be transformed, and it wouldn’t take that long.

For a little inspiration about a sweet, small step you could take right now, today, enjoy this post on Tiny Buddha, “25 Ways to Make a Difference in the World Every Day.”

I especially liked “Listen. Give. Do.”

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