Your Story Is Your Power

It’s all about building a tribe using story and connection.

Tribe Building

Before you start marketing you need to find your Tribe— a unique group of fans, friends, and/or followers who resonate with your worldview. People who are already searching for what you have to offer.  I am really good at tribe building. I’d love to help you plug in.

The Power of Story

People want to talk to people, not brands. They love a good story. They are much too savvy to read sidebar ads or to trust “sponsored content.” Let me help you fill your tool box with leading edge communication tools that will help you leap frog ahead of the crowd.

True Engagement

It’s all about being authentic. I’d love to help you create materials and social content that reflects “true engagement.” Marketing master Seth Godin states that true engagement comes from authentic, consistent participation across the channels your audience uses. Unlike old school advertisers and marketers, new wave storytellers use these channels as a “new way to communicate… the truth about who you are”, and deliver “…an experience that people can’t help talking about”.

Let’s Stay Connected!