Mindfulness: An Opportunity To Dive Deep

The best way to learn how to meditate is to just do it. You benefit immensely every time you pause and tune into the present moment.

Live Videos On Facebook

From time to time I share a moment of mindfulness with nature, or offer a guided meditation via a live Facebook video. Send me a friend request and follow me to get a heads up when a new video has been posted.

Practicing with others is also a great way to get started. It’s also lots of fun. I lead two, open-to-the-public groups each month in Winston-Salem. During our lunch hour we have fun learning powerful, easy-to-practice meditation techniques. I invite you to attend one of the “Mindfulness-Meditation with Movement and Music Lunches” I lead at Flywheel, downtown in the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, or at Unity on Stratford Road. Details here.

Four Steps To Meta

Loving Kindness Meditation is perhaps the most powerful practice I’ve discovered in the 13 years I’ve been integrating Mindfulness into my life. I often offer these four wishes during my guided meditations. They are:
May I/they be free from inner and outer dangers. May I/they be safe.
May I/they be healthy.
May I/they be happy and peaceful.
May I/they live of life of grace and ease.
To learn more about Loving Kindness and how to practice on your own, read my blog post. – Namaste, Cheryl

Measurable Proof

I love to use Meta, also called Loving Kindness Meditation, as the framework for my shared mindfulness-meditations.
To learn why, read my blog post, “Scientific Research and What The Buddha Says About The Benefits of Loving Kindness Meditation.”

When we practice Loving Kindness Meditation, we acknowledge that every one of us shares the same wish to be happy, and the same vulnerability to change and suffering. We can shift the way we view ourselves and others — with kindness instead of criticism. ~ Sharon Salzberg

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